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TOILET BREAK  If your dog is elderly, recuperating from an illness/injury, in season or just doesn’t need a long walk I can provide toilet break visits.

PUPPY CARE  New puppies are great fun but they can be hard work during the early months.  I can visit once or more each day to top up food, replenish water, clean up any accidents, reinforce toilet training, work on basic obedience and spend time playing with your new addition.  Your puppy can be taken on short walks increasing in length gradually to prevent damage to developing joints from over-exercising.  No ‘dominance theory’ or use of aversive training techniques.

PET VISIT  Perhaps your new kitten would appreciate a friendly visit during the day or you have a pet requiring medication or post-operative care while you are out at work.

Price is based on duration of visit rather than number of pets.

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Toilet Break / Puppy Care / Pet Visit

15 minutes

Per additional

15 minutes

Monday to Sunday 8.00am to 6.00pm